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An unequalled experience of luxury is created by the combination of comfort and style. Due to our Belgian production by a wonderful team of skilled craftsmen we can offer an extensive flexibilty at every stage of our production process. Our service minded company culture ensures that every item is fine-tuned to the customer’s needs.
Our selection of refined fabrics ranges from the finest cotton in the world to sustainable linen and are being processed into designs that match each and every interior.  At Mirabel Slabbinck quality is an interaction of sourcing the most exquisite fabrics and sublime craftmanship while manufacturing these fabrics. Our passionate team carefully observes every step of the production process. Before leaving the workshop all of our items get a final check and obtain a unique QR-code by which the customer can explore how, where, when and by whom their item is made. 


We strive for a continual investment in technology with an eye on an eco-friendly production and value our partners that take sustainability to heart.
Here you can find some examples of the efforts we take to protect our planet:
  • Due to our “produce to order” business model we have no stock items. It also allows us to limit the scratch material which is in turn used to design our linen packaging bags.
  • 95% of the electricity consumption is self-sufficient by solar panels.
  • The little water needed during production is recycled and the filter system ensures a clear water output.
  • We use as little packaging material as possible and avoid the use of plastic. Our cardboard material is FSC labelled.

Made in Belgium

Authenticity is a core value in the Slabbinck family.
Since 1903 our know-how and craftsmanship is passed on from generation to generation. We are proud of the preservation of the Belgian production in our workshop in Bruges. Thanks to our wonderful team of skilled craftsmen and our unique production process we can offer a unseen flexibility during every step of the way. All of our items obtain a unique QR code by which the customer can check who has worked on their product. 

The “Handmade in Belgium” label offers a guarantee of this authenticity and therefore of the quality of the handmade products.

Service minded company culture

Mirabel Slabbinck is not just a product, it’s a journey where you are the main character and at which we create home linens tailored to your individual needs. Our passionate team guides you along the way. We bring your ideas to life by designing sketches and creating matching mood boards. From the moment the order is registered until the moment it is delivered, you can track the progress of the production online which offers an unseen flexibility.

Your dream is our care.