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Raphaëlles Boutique B&B

Cobbled alleys, fairytale canals and gingerbread houses.
Welcome to the Venice of the North!

The medieval city of Bruges is just the perfect place for those in need of a relaxing weekend with some cultural interest on the side.
Discover the lovely Lake of Love, climb the Belfry or simply enjoy a Belgian beer on one of the many picturesque terraces.

And why not discover the charming corners of Bruges by night as well? Within walking distance of the lively city centre, you can book your retreat at the wonderful Raphaëlles Boutique B&B. The welcoming hosts of this newly renovated contemporary manor are ready to make your stay a memorable experience by pointing out all the hidden gems you definitely can’t miss.

As member of our Excellence Club they offer you a revitalising night’s sleep in our Ato bedding that is completely customised to their particular style.

Interior design by LD sur mesure

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Keenan's boutique hotel

Do you fancy a romantic getaway to a dreamy destination? Ireland's hidden heartlands might just be the place for you.

In the midst of this beautiful unspoiled part of Ireland, characterized by charming riverside towns and villages, majestic forests and sparkling waterways, you can relax and rewind at the gorgeous Keenans Of Tarmonbarry boutique hotel. 

As member of our excellence club they offer you a superb retreat featuring a wonderful natural surrounding, an accommodating service and cosy rooms dressed up with Mirabel Slabbinck home linens.

Our Fanna bedding set is fine-tuned by colour, size and monogram to the quintessential style of keenan's boutique hotel. 

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