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Passionate about people

Since 1903 much has changed. But the one thing that has always remained, is our affection and appreciation for people. It’s because of them  we have become who we are. With ‘them’, we do not only refer to our talented team, but equally to our demanding clientele. The interaction between both has led to the renowned Slabbinck service.

Creating a top-notch service starts by honouring your craftsmen. For decades they have been fine-tuning their skill, expertise and know-how. It’s due to their perseverance and passion that our refined fabrics transform into the most exclusive home linens that have adorned numerous luxury homes, yachts and even private jets all over the world for years. We listen, we cooperate, we unfold. Every single day, we write a new piece of history and build a bright future together. We are equally proud of the Handmade in Belgium label that celebrates our Belgian production.

It doesn’t stop just there. Exceeding the customer’s expectations means looking ahead. We aim to build long-term relationships by gaining a profound understanding of our customer. In doing this we uncover the personal styles and preferences of our customers. Tailoring our approach to the customer’s needs creates a confidential bond that lasts a lifetime. It’s precisely that bond which brings us the greatest satisfaction and motivates us to go beyond. Time and again.

Inspired by authenticity

Straight from the heart, pure and uncomplicated. We persist on our own path. Our core values are drawn from the authenticity of the inexhaustible source  of nature and shape many of our distinctive designs. An endless array of ideas originates from the rich colours and intense hues, the erratic lines and shifting tides, organic revelations and rustic elements.

Thoughtfully, we embark on the journey of each item. Exquisite fabrics, such as extra-long staple cotton, are meticulously selected and processed with optimal ecological responsibility according to the customer’s style and needs. We aim for ongoing technological investment, keeping a focus on a low impact production. Therefore we highly value partners who prioritize sustainability. Due to our “make to order” production process, there is no overstock. Even the leftover fabric is reused to make our linen packaging.

Our commitment extends beyond the mere perfection of the product. At Mirabel Slabbinck, we go further, we go deeper. The finished linens reflect the identity of our customers and bring their individuality to life.

Driven by detail

The service minded company culture ensures that each order is handled with the utmost care and diligent attention to detail. This is the point that sets us apart. Innovation emerges in both product and service through refinement and persistence. By valuing those details, you touch others, capture hearts and connect people. 

A detail that often goes unnoticed is the speed at which  custom orders can be delivered. With an unmatched delivery time worldwide, we reinforce our position within the luxury linen scene. 

Mirabel Slabbinck isn’t a typical family business. It’s a close-knit community where every link is part of the bigger picture, of a cohesion of kindred spirits. Together we share the passion for the intricacies that transform something fine into something masterly. We share and celebrate the happiness that is to be found in the details.