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An unequalled experience of luxury is created by the combination of comfort and style. Due to our Belgian production by a wonderful team of skilled craftsmen we can offer an extensive flexibilty at every stage of our production process.Our service minded company culture ensures that every item is fine-tuned to the customer’s needs.

Our selection of refined fabrics ranges from the finest cotton in the world to sustainable linen and are processed into designs that match any interior.  At Mirabel Slabbinck quality is an interaction of sourcing the most exquisite fabrics and sublime craftmanship while manufacturing these fabrics.

Our passionate team carefully observes every step of the production process. Before leaving the workshop all of our items get a final check and obtain a unique QR-code by which the customer can explore how, where, when and by whom their Item is made. 

What makes a good fabric?

The quest for a good fabric starts by selecting the right raw materials. The place of origin where the natural fibres are grown, is relatively irrelevant. The determining factors include soil, climate and breeding conditions amongst several other things. The expert knowledge of the weavers ensures they select the right conditions of the natural fibres and guarantees the magic of processing them info fabrics of exceptional performance.High-end fabrics consist of long staple or even extra-long staple fibres.

When selecting bed linens, you might consider the thread count as well. This is the amount of threads per square inch and is worked out by counting the lengthwise (warp) threads and the width-wise (weft) threads.To create a higher thread count multiple yarns are twisted around one another and become one fine and strong ply thread. These ply threads are tightly woven and create strong and durable fabrics. A high tread count makes the fabric feel softer and look more luxurious.

Depending on the comfort you seek, you can choose sateen woven of percale woven long staple cotton.
Sateen is a type of weaving where the warp and weft yarns are spread. The weft yarns lie over multiple warp yarns. It is naturally wrinkle-resistant, wraps around the body and gives a silky feel and a luxurious sheen.
Percale is a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weaving. Contrary to the sheen of sateen, percale is characterised by the matt finish and the crispy cool feel that improves with every wash.

Fabric qualities

Combed long staple cotton

Long staple cotton guarantees the highest level of purity and distinguishes from other natural fibres by its exceptional length and superior strength. The long staple cotton used at Mirabel Slabbinck is fully composed by fibres of the same length and are not mixed with other materials.These long fibres are combed to avoid impurities and are afterwards twisted into extra-fine threads leading to an ultra-soft fabric with a deeper and brighter colour.

Extra-long staple cotton

The FIBRAFINA trademark introduces fabrics of the highest quality offering an exceptional performance. FIBRAFINA fabrics begin their journey with experts searching for the best raw materials which is then processed by the art of Italian weaving.The unique craftsmanship intertwined with the unequalled quality of the extra-long staple fibres creates cotton fabrics of superior level with a dense structure, silky smooth touch and shiny look.
Sonata is percale woven with a 665 thread count and combines its softness with an irresistible crispness.
Sinfonia is sateen woven with a 750 thread count and offers an ultra-soft feel with a glossy finish.  

Giza45 cotton

The Giza 45 cotton is simply the best Egyptian cotton fibre that exists. Giza cotton is grown on selected grounds in the Nile valley and hand-picked and processed. The extremely fine, long and even fibres give a unique silky feeling and shine. This is the crème de la crème of the cotton.


Softness and durability are the distinctive features of  linen that is created by traditional craftsmanship and the unique climate of the European flax fields. The main characteristics of this fabric are that it is highly absorbent, lint-free and non- allergenic.It is the most natural and sustainable fabric and gives a sophisticated but relaxed look.

Sateen linen

Sateen linen is the ultimate combination of luxury and comfort. The 100% linen gives a smooth and gentle touch while the satin weaving brings it to perfection with a sumptuous finish. This extraordinary fabric keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer and is stylishly comfortable all year round.

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