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Our refined fabrics

Combed long staple cotton

Long staple cotton guarantees the highest level of purity and distinguishes from other natural fibres by its exceptional length and superior strength. The long staple cotton used at Mirabel Slabbinck is fully composed by fibres of the same length and are not mixed with other materials.These long fibres are combed to avoid impurities and are afterwards twisted into extra-fine threads leading to an ultra-soft fabric with a deeper and brighter colour.

Sateen - piece dyed
Pella TC 300 
Belladonna TC 600 

Percale - piece dyed
Citrus  TC 200
Bora  TC 400

Extra-long staple cotton

The FIBRAFINA trademark introduces fabrics of the highest quality offering an exceptional performance. FIBRAFINA fabrics begin their journey with experts searching for the best raw materials which is then processed by the art of Italian weaving.The unique craftsmanship intertwined with the unequalled quality of the extra-long staple fibres creates cotton fabrics of superior level with a dense structure, silky smooth touch and shiny look.

Sonata is percale woven with a TC 665  and combines its softness with an irresistible crispness.

Sinfonia is sateen woven with a  TC 750  and offers an ultra-soft feel with a glossy finish.  

Giza45 cotton

The Giza 45 cotton is simply the best Egyptian cotton fibre that exists. Giza cotton is grown on selected grounds in the Nile valley and hand-picked and processed. The extremely fine, long and even fibres give a unique silky feeling and shine.

Mellor has a TC 700 and is the crème de la crème of the cotton.

Belgian Linen

Softness and durability are the distinctive features of Belgian linen that is created by traditional craftsmanship and the unique climate of the European flax fields. The main characteristics of this fabric are that it is highly absorbent, lint-free and non- allergenic. The Belgian linen used by Mirabel Slabbinck is granted the Masters of Linen certificate.

Riana is the most natural and sustainable fabric and gives a sophisticated but relaxed look.

Sateen linen

Satin linen is the ultimate combination of luxury and comfort. The 100% linen gives a smooth and gentle touch while the satin weaving brings it to perfection with a sumptuous finish. This extraordinary fabric keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer. 

Palu is stylishly comfortable all year round.