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Elemental Bliss collection

Joy, the three letter word that everybody seeks. It’s a such a simple thing and yet so hard to find. Mirabel Slabbinck holds the key to this blissful feeling. With the 2024 collection, she celebrates the art of finding everyday luck in the joy of little things. Let’s go back to the very essence of everything and rediscover the seemingly insignificant pleasures we have forgotten about. Immerse yourself in the elemental bliss of this new collection, where cheerful details illuminate the latest designs. Happiness awaits!



How to turn a radiating romance into a lasting love story? Many wonder, but it’s Bonsomi that makes it work.

Through the revelation of a simple secret one of our deepest desires gets satisfied, that of love and being loved. This heartfelt delight arises from the art of longing for. Dreaming of a tender touch, yearning for an intimate embrace, picturing time together. See that smile shining on your face.

From subtle to solid. From romance to love. The mystery unravelled. A delicate hem stitch represents those affectionate interactions that lead to a committed bond.

Let’s feel the excitement of this contemporary love affair.

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See it, touch it, feel it.

The waving embroidery of Moya leads you to a source of eternal bliss. By tickling all your senses at once, it puts your memories in motion and lets you relive your fondest remembrances. Take a spin and jump back in  time, to those very first moments, experiences and sensations.

What’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? Don’t tell, just let the good times roll!  

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Meet Makani, an enchanting design that proves there is beauty to be found in every corner.

It invites you to be present in your surroundings and appreciate the details that are often overlooked in our hasty society. Such as the flowers that bloom in spring and the early morning birds that begin to sing. Those gentle elements that give a revitalising power to life are reflected in the design by placing the satin stitch in varying directions and the creation of captivating corners.

Take a look, get intrigued, and let yourself be seduced by life’s simple pleasures.

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Bath linen Moya

Discover the matching bath linen of the new Moya design. 

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Table linen Bonsomi

Bonsomi, the perfect table setting for a romantic tête-à-tête or a cozy moment around the table with friends and family.

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Get cosy with Cona.

A timeless throw offering a new level of luxury wherever you are. The natural charm of linen blends perfectly with the sumptuous softness of cashwool. Imbued with a sense of enduring style, this refined throw is a classic to be cherished for years to come.

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