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Making Waves Collection

Moods. Moments. Memories.

As we thrive through these transformative times, cheerful waves of change introduce bright beginnings.

Mirabel Slabbinck invites you to flow along the waves and feel the encouragement of change. That’s how the making waves collection was born. By believing in the scale of your own ambition. Go out there and express yourself with geometric designs exuding contemporary vibes that pair perfectly with the rich and sophisticated new colour schemes.

The adventure is yours!




Up and down, ascending and descending, starting and stopping.

Moods are always in motion. Listen to the melody of your intuition.
During this repetitive cycle a connective energy arises, revealing your true resilience.

Lahira emphasizes the power of this very sequence.
Stitch after stitch, pulling against the stream.

Time to say goodbye to what no longer resonates and to start believing in your future.


Let’s wonder.

At a glance, simple rows of stitches going back and forth, but there is more than meets the eye. Discover how an intricate path of creation can lead to an illuminating outcome.

Fatusa is all about adaption and transformation.
About how reinventing a previous step determines the next one.
Bend it; twist it until it becomes yours.

Just go with the flow and become a ray of light.


Good things come in threes.

The Trikona design is an embroidery pattern formed by three stitches shaping a triangle motif as they converge into one. A well-balanced harmony comes to life revealing the beautiful rebellion that marks the strength of daring to do things differently.

Dare to take the chance, dare to make the choice and experience the change.


Bath linen Lahira & Trikona

Discover the matching bath linen of the new Lahira and Trikona design.

Click here to have a look at the complete bath linen collection


Bedding and table linen

  • Prewashed linen
  • Natual look 
  • Sustainable fabric
  • Breathable and non-allergenic
Linen gives a fresh feeling in summer and a warm feeling in winter. The more often linen is washed, the softer and more comfortable it gets.