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Luminary collection

Joy and happiness are the two key emotions that inspired Mirabel Slabbinck while creating her new collection.

Prepare to be amazed by intense hues, smooth corners and rounded shapes.
These bold designs are ready to enhance your bliss and colour your dreams!




A daring design combining different stitches leading into a refined embroidery composition. However big, however small, every single embroidered piece brings a bit of joy. 

So throw happiness around like confetti and let the fragmented sparkles spread a smile amongst us all. Modest or outrageous, the colour choice is up to you.

Simply enjoy the extravaganza!


Brighter than the sun.

That feeling you get when everything is running smoothly and you're just a glance away from that booming vibe. The circular lines in the Bola design reflect that very emotion.
Technically, a sequence of stitches brings a dazzling elegance to life as it turns into a beautiful bold piece of art.

Take a spin and get enchanted.


Utter delight. Because you’re in an ecstatic state of mind.

Everything falls into place and you’re ready to let your heart shine. Time for something big, time for something exciting.

How about a party where it’s all about sumptuous glamour? This is exactly the thrill that indentifies with the Tulo pattern. A triple stitch moving forward, moving backwards, and then forwards again.

Dancing and sparkling right into the spotlight.



Waking up and instantly having a good mood. Who doesn’t love it?

This energy that is running through your vains reflects in the solid stitches of Sola. A simple yet exquisite embroidery that encourages you to go beyond. Just imagine you can prolong this happy spirit you find yourself in.

This sublime design leads you by example and inspires you.  


Bath linen Tiraso & Tulo

Discover the matching bath linen of the new Tiraso and Tulo design.

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Placemat & Napkin

Discover our brand new place mats that will brighten up your dinner parties! 

Tiraso - Bola - Tulo - Bava 

Click here to have a look at the place mats and table linens


Eco-friendly pillow protector:

Soft, breathable and moisture repellent. 

100% Lyocell - 100% PU