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Twining collection

Mirabel Slabbinck introduces the vigorous Twining collection that arises from a tender softness. The blending machine embroidery embodies the longing for connection and is empowered by simple and yet sophisticated designs. The combination with the soft and silky fabrics let you dream away to faraway places and creates a sense of intimacy in the comfort of your own home where the strength of the unconditional love between friends and family prevails. Let 2021 surprise you by the versatility of this contemporary collection.

Have a look at the video: 




Intertwining connectedness

Indulge yourself with the sumptuousness of Topali. Inspired by the weaving of reed grasses this machine embroidery reflects to how connectedness creates a whole. The webbing design emerges from the refined stitches and presents itself with a luxurious look.




The power of intimacy

Takra radiates pure elegance. Powerful architectural wonders where different patterns and structures become one, symbolise this sophisticated design. Experience the intimacy of the tense and vigorous machine embroidery that fuses on the flanges and forms a real delight to the eyes.


Infinite elegance

Ato is the most straightforward design from this Twining collection. Guided by the rhythm of the stitches a perpendicular line comes to life. This stylish detail reveals infinite elegance on the cover itself or creates a subtle connection with the flange. Ato suits every interior and is a perfect mix and match with Topali or Takra.




Simplicity at its finest

The details make the design of Lako. This uncomplicated design is brightened up with a tiny decorative flange. Simplicity at its finest with an everlasting elegance.




Palu combines comfort and luxury all-in one. The 100% linen gives a smooth and gentle touch while the satin weaving brings it to perfection with a sumptuous finish. This fabric is stylishly comfortable all year round, makes you want to snuggle up in winter and keeps you cool in summer.



Get cosy with Molda. Smooth like velvet with a lavish look. It easily transcends trends and styles and becomes the eye-catcher of the room due to its vibrant colours. Make it shine
even brighter by creating the finishing touch with a customised embroidery.


Sonata & Sinfonia

Sinfonia and Sonata offer an unparalleled experience of well-being. To ensure its excellence these fabrics have been certified by the FIBRAFINA® trademark. The fabrics begin their journey with the search for the best raw materials and are being processed by the art of Italian weaving. The unique craftsmanship intertwines with the sublime quality of the extra-long staple fibres and creates Egyptian cotton of superior level.  

Sinfonia is extremely soft and has a glossy look due to its sateen weave.

Sonata offers the best of both worlds with its irresistible softness and typical
crispness of percale cotton.